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What to do if you forget your password?

If you forget your password , please use the following steps to set your new password.

  1. Enter the User login page (As shown in the figure), click "Request new password" button.
  2. Get into the next step of User account (As shown in the figure) and fill in your e-mail address,click”E-mail new password” button.

  3. Further instructions have been sent to your advised e-mail address.
  4. According to the instruction sent for your mail,pls login into the site and change your password for resetting.

Why need to register before you visit our website.

In order to have better communication with each overseas visitor and potential buyer,we would like you log into our website by registering and fulfill with your email address,company name,address and telephone number.All which will be collected and kept confidentially and just use for our daily business communication with you.

How to receive the verification email?

Verification email will be automatically sent to your email once filled in during your free registration. Based on the different network environment, it will take you from several minutes to several hours to receive the email. Pls make sure you have written the right mail box,all you ID and password will be sent by once time.Please register with your commonly-used email.

How to use Search?

On, you can conveniently search for the appropriate products by entering a search term such as size,color or theme for what you are looking for, to key into the three search terms can extremely narrow your search, and then click   to view exact results found on system.


How to use Bookmark?

There have bookmark button at both top left corner of item photo and bottom right corner of description section,click a bookmarking site to save relevant items that interest you or re-click for removement(As shown in the figure).

Through checking this Bookmark record, you can find required information quickly and easily when necessary and conveniently to trace back when contact us for communication or order placement. Repeat visiting any items more than 4 times,the site will collect the items automaticlly into bookmark files.


How to apply for Catalogue ?

Besides the website to show our products,we are willing to provide our printed catalogue,actual samples as well as disk concerns various season or theme items.When you send the catalogue request,you will ask to fulfill relevant client information so that we can make sure to send the catalogue for which company and corresponding person.All the catalogue will be sent out with 7 working days at freight collected once the requested was received and verified.

Contacting us

If there are any further help request,pls write to us by below mail: